Learn How Long to Cook Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

Not sure how long to cook a turkey breast? We have your answers here
Turkey Breast Time

Never cook a turkey breast wrong again with our guide on how long to cook turkey breast for Thanksgiving!

When it comes to your Thanksgiving turkey, the details matter. From the amount of time you allow it to thaw to the brining method you choose, each decision affects the final outcome of your turkey.

But no matter how you make your turkey, it all comes down to cooking it for the right amount of time, even when you are just making a turkey breast for Thanksgiving.

Learning how long to cook turkey breast for is actually a simple algorithm. For every pound your bone-in, unstuffed turkey breast is, cook it for 20 minutes. Keep a tented piece of foil wrapped around your roaster and follow these times and you’ll have the perfect turkey breast every time.

Turkey Breast Size (Bone-in, Unstuffed)

Turkey Breast Time

1-pound Turkey Breast

20 minutes

2-pound Turkey Breast

40 minutes

3-pound Turkey Breast

1 hour

4-pound Turkey Breast

1 hour and 20 minutes

5-pound Turkey Breast

1 hour and 40 minutes

6-pound Turkey Breast

2 hours

7-pound Turkey Breast

2 hours and 20 minutes

8-pound Turkey Breast

2 hours and 40 minutes


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