LA's Best Italian-Inspired Art Galleries and Exhibits

LA's Best Italian-Inspired Art Galleries and Exhibits

A true melting pot of all the backgrounds and cultures that make up the United States, Los Angeles features a massive variety of places to visit when trying to learn about or embrace another culture. This is especially true with Italian culture. One unique way to experience and understand the country's history and lifestyle is through the work of Italian artists, and whether it's classical museum-worthy pieces or contemporary paintings in rotating exhibits, LA has some spectacular locations to appreciate Italian art.

uclaPhoto Courtesy of The UCLA Department of Italian
The UCLA Department of Italian

While it might not be surprising, UCLA (the largest four-year university in California with more than 40,000 students), boasts an impressive Italian Studies program; it might come as news to many that the department hosts several events throughout the year that highlight Italian art and culture. These include both artistic exhibits and performance pieces, all of which are posted on the department's events page.

lacmaPhoto Courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) holds a number of magnificent Italian artwork and its rotating schedule of exhibits often includes some of the most notable Italian artists in history. As far as decorative art is concerned, the LACMA's Gilbert Collection (in the Ahmanson Building, 3rd Level) holds arguably the best Italian mosaics in the United States.

gettyPhoto Courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum
The J. Paul Getty Museum

Along with breathtaking work from across the globe, The Getty Center in Los Angeles holds a huge variety of Italian pieces in its collection that range from classical sculptures to contemporary design. For a complete museum experience that includes Italian and Italian-inspired works, The J. Paul Getty Museum is unmatched in Los Angeles.

icilaPhoto Courtesy of the Italian Cultural Institute of LA
Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

Boasting a library of more than 6,000 books and hosting a variety of galleries, exhibits, film showings and more, the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles could be considered the city's headquarters for all things Italian. Unlike UCLA's intermittent school-based scheduling, there's always something happening through the organization. Current featured exhibitions include Gabriele de Santis: The Dance Step of a WatermelonJuxtapoz Italiano and Vico Magistretti: A Traveling Archive.