Lager After Lifting? Post-Workout Beer Released in Canada

Energy Drink Company Vampt releases a light beer called Lean Machine designed to help you re-fuel after a workout

Drink this after a workout and you'll feel re-hydrated, and a little buzzed.

Going to the gym? Don’t forget your can of beer! Canadian-based energy drink company Vampt has launched an all-new drink called Lean Machine that’s actually super-beer — a light lager infused with protein, vitamin C and zinc, amongst other things that are designed to help you recover after a tough work-out. An alcoholic energy drink is nothing new (think Four Loko), but a beer specifically designed for post-workout consumption is.

The website for Vampt claims, “whether you have just finished a game of ice hockey with your friends or just landed after an 18,000 foot free fall, Lean Machine replenishes your natural fluids lost during your adrenaline-filled daily pursuit of happiness.”

The beer itself is only 77 calories, so at least it’s guilt-free and according to National Public Radio, the concept is not as crazy as it sounds,.

Sports nutritionist Ben Desbrow told NPR that beer may actually be able to replenish your fluids because beer is already full of carbs and electrolytes — ingredients that are commonly found in beverages like Gatorade, and if formulated correctly, the product could actually help keep your body hydrated and energized.


The beverage is expected to hit stores in Canada this spring.