This Lipstick Collection Is Made With Red Wine

Labiotte Beauty makes lipstick out of actual wine

Labiotte wine lipsticks contain wine extract to give you that "I just drank a glass of really good red wine" look.

A glass of red wine can leave a deep stain on the drinker’s lips, just like makeup, but now a Korean makeup company is producing a line of lipsticks that is actually made with red wine.

According to Allure, the Chateau Labiotte wine lipstick collection is a series of lip products made with actual wine extract as one of the ingredients. The lipsticks come in tubes that look like tiny wine bottles and are available in several wine-inspired shades like "Cabernet Red," "Malbec Burgundy," "Nebbiolo Red," and "Shiraz Red."

In addition to the matte lipsticks, Labiotte also makes a line of wine lip tints for that “I just drank a glass of really good red” look — but without the buzz.

They also have tinted lip balm that comes in pots that look like tiny wine glasses. The Chateau Labiotte line also has a product called “wine melting lipstick,” which is specifically designed to duplicate the look of wine-stained lips.


There’s even a wine mascara that comes in a bottle-shaped container. The company says the wine extract in the formula keeps lashes healthy. Even if it doesn’t, the packaging is a surefire conversation-starter.