Kyatchi Brings Sustainable Sushi to Minneapolis

Staff Writer
New Japanese restaurant Kyatchi makes a commitment to the environment with sustainable seafood
Rebecca Turchan

Kyatchi's pressed mackerel and kombu sushi is made with only sustainable ingredients.

Kyatchi is not your average sushi joint–Minneapolis has plenty of those. You won’t find typical Americanized spicy tuna and California rolls at this new restaurant. Kyatchi dubs itself a “sea to table” restaurant, and has a mission to preserve the ocean and serve fresh, seasonal meats and fish sourced from family owned farms and local markets. Kyatchi does not serve any fish that isn’t deemed sustainable by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch, which is considered the measure for sustainability.

Their commitment to the environment as a whole even extends as far as providing a bike map to the restaurant on their website.

Since Kyatchi recognizes the importance of its ingredients, dishes are minimalistic and great thought is put into each element. A roll might contain nothing but pressed mackerel and kombu seaweed, or pickled plum and shiso leaves, but the flavors speak for themselves with no unnecessary adornment.

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If sushi isn’t your thing, Kyatchi still has plenty to offer. Try a donburi rice bowl, organic chicken skewers, or one of the unique Japanese style hot dogs topped with raw vegetable salsa, curried cabbage, or avocado and egg. Additionally, Kyatchi offers a large selection of local beers, tea from Verdant Tea, and an impressive sake menu.

3758 Nicollet Ave (38th)
Minneapolis, MN 55409
$ $