Passenger Arrested for Throwing Tantrum Over Airplane Meal

A passenger threw a drink and screamed over missing the meal


A passenger on Kunming Airlines was arrested for five days for throwing a tantrum over his airplane meal.

A passenger on a Kunming Airlines flight was arrested for five days after throwing a massive tantrum in the middle of the flight, reportedly just because he was angry at being passed over for an airplane meal.

According to Shanghaiist, a man named Fan was flying from Hangzhou to Kunming last week when he dozed off for a bit of a nap mid-flight. When he woke, he discovered that he had slept through the meal service and flight attendants had passed him over rather than waking him up for food. He was not pleased.

Fan reportedly threw a loud, shouting tantrum and even allegedly threw a beverage and garbage at the cabin crew.  Other passengers say he then spilled a drink on his lap and tried to get a female flight attendant to help him clean it up, then insisted she help him change pants.


Police were waiting to arrest Fan as soon as the flight landed in Kunming. He reportedly spent five days in custody for disturbing public order.