Metal Band Korn Rocks Out With Its Own Brand of Coffee

Metal bands are usually associated with stronger drinks, but now these musicians are coffee achievers
Korn Koffee
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Kraving a kup of kind of kitschy koffee? Rock out with new Korn Koffee, curated by the Grammy Award-winning nu metal band, and inspired by the group’s reliance on caffeine during its tours.

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“The Korn Koffee idea pretty much came up because we drink so much coffee on the road when we’re touring,” guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer said in a video posted on the band’s Facebook page. “It’s good to have something to really kick you in the pants in the morning.”

Like the band’s music, the coffee is not for wimps.

“I think fans are going to enjoy Korn Koffee because it has a kick,” Shaffer said. “This is something that we curated and we’ve been working on for a while. I just think it’s something that everybody can drink and enjoy.”

The video shows the band touring the roasting facility where the coffee is made, learning about how climate and other issues affect the beans used.

The resulting coffee is a smooth, dark blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Peruvian beans brewed for Korn by J. Gursey Coffee Roasters. Fans can pre-order the coffee now on Korn’s website, and it’ll be released on Oct. 26. A 12.2 ounce bag sells for $14.99, or $24.99 when paired with a heavyweight Korn mug.

“Coffee is really important to me, because I’ve had years of partying, and now it’s like, I like to wake up in the morning, I like to have a cup of coffee,” Shaffer said. “It’s definitely a vice for sure, but … you know, it’s a mild vice, in my history of vices.”

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