Kid-Friendly Mocktails for Mother's Day

Recipes for booze-free drinks so the little ones can share a toast with Mom

Bringing Mom breakfast in bed is a long-standing Mother's Day tradition for many families. The kids get to help out in the kitchen (read: make a mess), Dad tries not to burn the toast, then everyone gets to share a lovely Sunday morning meal together. Well, that is, with the exception of the brunch cocktail portion of the meal (you're not looking to recreate the recent Applebee's and Olive Garden scandals, after all). While the grown-ups share Mimosas, the children can enjoy a PG version, like orange juice topped with sparkling water. 

Check out the five kid-friendly mocktail recipes below for some inspiration, each paired with suggestions for adults-only brunch cocktails.


Pomegranate Mimosa Mocktail

The classic brunch cocktail is made more appropriate for the underage crowd by mixing sparkling apple cider with pomegranate juice. 

For Mom: Fresh Tangerine Mimosas


Mango-Ginger Mocktail

Fizzy ginger ale adds texture to this simple concoction featuring mango nectar and fresh lemon juice.

For Mom: Mango-Mint Cooler


Peach Mint Mocktail

This easy, alcohol-free riff on a Bellini only calls for three ingredients: sparkling peach soda, fresh mint, and diced peaches. (Just remember to save a couple peach slices to garnish Mom's real-deal version.)   

For Mom: White Peach Bellini


Watermelon Cooler Mocktail

This warm weather-ready drink mixes lime juice and a touch of sugar with a heavy helping of fresh, naturally sweet watermelon. And at only 65 calories a serving, it's a great healthy choice. 

For Mom: Watermelon Cooler


Apricot Zinger Mocktail

For something a little more adventurous, try this creation which balances sweet (apricot nectar and white grape juice) with a hint of spice (ginger simple syrup and ground cloves). 

For Mom: Apricot Julep