Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed

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What better way to surprise mom on Mother's Day than with a lovingly-prepared breakfast in bed. This menu is easy enough to put together that morning, and young kids will love to help in the kitchen by making the smoothie or stirring the pancake batter.

Of course, when bringing mom breakfast in bed, presentation matters. If you don't have a handy breakfast tray designed for eating in bed, you can use any regular serving tray — or even a baking sheet covered with a nice placemat — to serve the meal. Don't forget a napkin and any silverware she might need. A small vase with a blossom or two adds a special touch.

If mom isn't a fan of eating in bed, don't worry. Bring her the smoothie on the tray with a vase of flowers. Instead of eating the pancakes in bed, set the table and share breakfast together. Serve your favorite brunch cocktails and mocktails, along with fruit salad and maybe even sausage or bacon. 



Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Made with a variety of berries and protein-packed Greek yogurt, this smoothie is a delicious start to the day. Plus, it's easy enough for kids to make (with adult supervision, of course).


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These ethereally light pancakes won't weigh you down like regular pancakes do, plus the lemon juice and zest adds a wonderful bright flavor.

Serve with a side of fruit compote and some crisp bacon or juicy sausages.