Kid-Friendly Mother's Day Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas

These ideas are so simple, a kid could (and should) make them
Kid-Friendly Recipes

The little ones will feel super grown-up when making these delicious breakfasts for mom!

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that just about everyone celebrates. After all, it's nice to show that woman in your life (be it your mom, sister, wife, or godmother) that they mean a lot to you. All of the guidance and wisdom they've imparted on you through the years, the sacrifices they've made, it has all profoundly changed your life. So what better a time to show that special woman your appreciation with a little breakfast-in-bed?

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Of course, for the mom with youngsters running around, breakfast in bed is way easier said than done. Little ones are dying to help out, but still typically require basic supervision in the kitchen for small tasks. Bigger tasks like flipping omelettes and making crêpes are totally out of the question. But there are dozens of options for the little culinary star who wants to reward mom with a little extra sleep and breakfast on a silver platter.

Don't underestimate mug cooking. So many things can be made in a mug with just a bit of time in the microwave. There are dozens of mug cake recipes out there, if a sweet breakfast is her thing. If not, consider guiding those little hands in the direction of scrambled eggs. A little whisk of a fork and you've got fluffy scrambled eggs in minutes. Fresh fruit and parfaits are also tasty. The night before, just grab any berries that may need slicing and do the dirty work for them. They can still toss all of the ingredients together and make her a breakfast of champions. But above all, let them revel in their independence. They’ll love the fact that they were able to do something so special for mom, and practically all on their own! 

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Scrambled Egg Mugs
Scrambled Egg Cups

When it comes to kid-friendly cooking, it doesn't get easier than mugs filled with scrambled eggs. They require just a few minutes of time in the microwave and very little guidance. Your little ones get that sense of independence while still staying safe in the kitchen.

Jazzed Up Frozen Waffles

Frozen Waffles

Tossing a waffle in the toaster is as simple as pushing down a button, but they aren't exactly the most glamorous treat. So instead, help them out ahead of time by throwing together a few special extras. A little homemade whipped cream and a bowl full of berries that have already been sliced make a great addition. 


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