KFC Japan Gets Pumpkin Maple Churros

Pumpkin Maple Churros are here, but only for people in Japan

KFC Japan just announced its new Halloween-themed offering for fall, and it's a pumpkin maple churro with dipping sauce that will only be available for 10 days in October.

KFC Japan is just not being fair, because it’s gone and created a limited time offer that is only available in Japan, but it’s sure to make the rest of the world sigh with envy, because the special Halloween treat is a sleeve of pumpkin maple churros.

According to Rocket News 24, the pumpkin maple churros are inspired by the red and yellow leaves on autumn trees. The KFC churros are twisted into rings, and they come with a packet of pumpkin and maple flavored syrup to drizzle over the fried dough. A pack of three churros and a packet of sauce will sell for 220 yen, or about $2.15.


The pumpkin maple churros are a very limited offer, though. KFC Japan says they’ll be available for sale starting on October 21, but they’ll only be around until October 31. That’s not much time for people in Japan to enjoy them, but it’s long enough to make the rest of the world pretty jealous.