Keeping the Calories Down When You’re Turning Up

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Keeping the Calories Down When You’re Turning Up

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Everyone loves a crazy night out, but we are not so fond of the extra calories hanging onto our hips. We all know our week of healthy eating goes to waste just about every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The good news is that that doesn’t need to be the case.  With a few substitutions, you can be on your way to the summer bod you have been working for, without destroying your social life (or your alcohol tolerance).

The phrase “liquid fat” is no myth here in college, but the “freshman 15” can be if you make the right choices about your alcohol.  First, ditch the extra fruity drink; the alcohol has enough sugar already, so there is no need to add another 400 calories to make it go down easier.

Next, swap out a dessert drink for something a little lighter on the calorie count. I know we all love our Frozen Mudslides and Long Island Iced Teas, but switching that up for a Screwdriver or Mojito slices the calories and fat dramatically. That means that during your hangover, you’ll have less calories to burn off at the gym.

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines. If you just finished exam week, or you are out on the town for your birthday, there is no shame in guzzling down a few Piña Coladas or Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris.

If you’re feeling a little hesitant on giving up your signature drink for every night out, I don’t blame you. College is about having the time of your life and not giving up indulgences.  Instead of ordering your favorite drink at the bar, mix it up yourself before you head out. Instead of filling half the glass with juice before even adding the alcohol, cut the amount of juice in half.  Not only will this save you some calories, but it will make that amazing drink just a bit stronger.

Suggested Swaps:

  • Ditch the Long Island Iced Tea, sip on a Cosmo instead.
  • Pour out the Manhattan, and enjoy a Gin and Tonic.
  • Drop the Rum Runner, and grab a Jack and Coke (Diet Coke!!!).
  • Get rid of the White Russian, and throw back a few Vodka Tonics.

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