Kaley Cuoco's Bikini-Worthy Diet

'The Big Bang Theory' star sported a teeny 2-piece this week — how she stays in shape

Kaley Cuoco hanging out in her bikini.

Fans everywhere can't get enough of Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory — and more so when she posted bikini shots from her vacation to Anguilla on her Twitter this week. So how does the star keep in such great shape?

It's not always been easy for Cuoco, who has admitted publicly to struggling with her weight. What's helped, she says, was to work with her own nutritionist and record what she was eating. "It’s an everyday battle for me," she said to Parade. "I need guidelines."

Cuoco has shared some of her own diet tips with Shape and Parade; her best tricks? Moderation. Cuoco, who used to be a diet cola junkie, says she's cut back to a can "for dessert." "But to help me cut down, I've turned it into a treat," she told Parade. 

Another tip Cuoco shares to help her maintain a healthy weight — "grazing." To avoid the constant hungry feeling, Cuoco eats throughout the day. Plus, Cuoco takes a B vitamin to lower her lipoprotein(a) levels, a form of bad cholesterol. Cuoco has said she has elevated levels due to a hereditary condition.