José Andrés to Advise Hannibal TV Series

Yes, chefs are taking over Hollywood, too

In addition to creating a Spanish curriculum for the International Culinary Center, José Andrés has apparently been eating a lot of lung dishes, researching for the development of a Hannibal Lecter TV show on NBC.

The Washington Post reports that Bryan Fuller, the man behind Pushing Daisies, is working on a show about the cannibalistic psychiatrist, and Fuller tapped Andrés to be the mind behind the food.

So what's Andrés' job? To flesh out the "culinary sophisticate" behind Lecter. Fuller plans to show the character cooking, instead of killing, and told actor Mads Mikkelsen, "Do not read any serial killer books. Look at cookbooks."

Some influences from Andrés in future scenes: A loin dish with roasted apples and Cumberland sauce, an "interesting" way to prepare mushrooms in a party scene, and a reference to French chef Auguste Escoffier. But of course, as nose-to-tail is all the trend now, Andrés assures the Post that "every single body part" will be used in the show.

"This is beyond cannibalism,” Andrés said. “It’s about people who have dark sides and dark stories."

As for losing customers over this gruesome project? "This is TV!” he said. “I’m going to lose customers doing this? I don’t think so." No word on when to expect the series to air, but considering Fuller's past work and Andrés' delicious cooking, it's bound to be morally perplexing.