José Andrés Named Dean of Spanish Studies for International Culinary Center

He'll be sticking around New York to helm their Spanish studies department, with our very own Colman Andrews

José Andrés

Looks like José Andrés will be sticking around New York for a bit; the Spanish chef and James Beard Award-winner has been named Dean of Spanish Studies at the International Culinary Center.

He'll be teaming up with The Daily Meal's Colman Andrews to develop the curriculum to "foster new apostles in the art, history, and future of Spanish cuisine," a press release said.

Both Andrés and Andrews will be teaching courses, and Andrews has been working on the curriculum outline. "The curriculum is more involved with understanding the cultural aspects of Spanish cooking, the history of it, the spirit of it." Andrews tells us.

So what's misunderstood about Spanish cuisine? "An example could be the approach to tapas," Andrews says. "It's a whole tradition and way of eating, not just little plates."

Students will learn basics like rice cooking, as well as avant-garde Spanish cooking techniques involving sous vide, immersion cookers, and liquid nitrogen. Andrews also shares that the curriculum will involve work experience in Spain.

Andrés will be joining nine other deans, including Jacques Pépin, Jacques Torres, Emily Luchetti, David Kinch, and Alan Richman, among others. So, since Andrés will be fostering the next generation of Spanish chefs and whatnot here in New York, perhaps we can see that New York restaurant (or restaurants) open a bit faster?