Jewelry Scion Evan Yurman Launches $1,500 Limited Edition L'Artisan Cognac


Evan Yurman, son of David Yurman of the eponymous fashion jewelry dynasty, is turning his talents to the world of luxury spirits. Yurman, who ran the men’s jewelry and watches division at his father’s megabucks company, has teamed up with spirits expert and specialized importer Nicolas Palazzi to launch L'Artisan, an exclusive new brand of cognac. While even some of the finest brand name cognacs on the market are composed of a blend of fine eaux-de-vie, Yurman and Palazzi’s aim is to present rare vintage cognac in its “pure and unadulterated” form. Their initial prestigious offering is called simply No. 50; only 480 bottles are available at a cost of $1,500 per bottle. 

Palazzi, based in New York but born in France, comes from a family of Bordeaux vineyard owners and now has a portfolio of proprietary cellars in Cognac region of France, whence the revered spirit takes its name. He specializes in sourcing artisanal family owned and made spirits, in particular cognac, that are not available on the open market. Most of his “finds” come in the form of single casks of rare and often antique spirit and are completely unique in character and complexity, making them truly one-of-a-kind. 

To get a bottle of your own, contact Soutirage in the U.S. or Fine+Rare Wines Ltd. in London.