Japanese Vending Machine Sells Underpants for Water Bottles

Super-absorbent bottle panties work like coasters, look like panties

Tiny underpants will keep your water bottle from dripping on the table. 

During the summer, it is always a good idea to carry around a bottle of water or another cool beverage with which to keep hydrated. But apparently a lot of people in Japan aren't keeping their bottles properly dressed, so a vending machine company has come to the rescue with a special line of panties for bottles.

According to Rocket News 24, the panties for bottles are exactly what they sound like: tiny little fashionable panties that look just like women’s underpants, except they are designed to be put on a bottle of water or other beverage. Ostensibly, the underpants function like a coaster. They are made of a super absorbent material — thus, a bottle wearing underpants will not drip condensation on the table when a person sets it down. Still, that person's beverage will be wearing tiny underpants, and in most cases that is quite a bit more embarrassing than leaving a puddle on the table.

The water bottle panties sell for $1.70 a pair from vending machines and are available in six colors: blue stripes, leopard print, pink polka dots, strawberry print, frilly lace, and plain white cotton with a little pink bow.


The bottle panties are produced by Kitan Club, which produces all kinds of random novelties for vending machines. They might have finally outdone themselves with the bottle panties, though.