Jancis Robinson on Wine Grapes

The wine writer and expert discusses her newest book
Jancis Robinson on Wine Grapes

The wine expert discusses her new book

Wine Grapes

Jancis Robinson’s books are the encyclopedias of her genre. From The Oxford Companion to Wine to the World Atlas of Wine, the Financial Times writer is the go-to source for everyone from wine novices to the most ardent aficionados. Her newest book, Wine Grapes, takes her quest to document the wine world even further by giving an exhaustive look at all 1,368 known vine varieties.

Robinson believes this kind of documentation is important for disseminating knowledge, and she thinks this book is a natural progression of her other work: "There is so much that we know now that we didn’t even know two years ago from analyzing the DNA of different varieties," she says.

While joking that it is not a light book  "It’s an exercise aid at 7 pounds!"  she hopes it will add to the discussion of some overlooked grapes and wines. Watch the video above to hear more and pick up Wine Grapes!