Jack in the Box Unveils Bacon Shake

And people are already writing up reviews

Bacon-mania has gone far enough; Jack in the Box has released a bacon shake, available now for a limited amount of time. "There's no telling when it might disappear," their bacon-promoting web site says.

According to some digging from Sfist, a manager reportedly said the shake is made with syrup instead of real pork. "Real bacon? Ugh no. It's just a flavored shake, flavored with syrup, I think," the manager told them.

The Impulsive Buy confirms and says Jack in the Box uses bacon-flavored Torani syrup, and the review is rather positive. "Not revolting. Pleasant flavor. Creamy. Tastes like coffee at the back end of the flavor. Bacon lovers will probably enjoy it," the reviewer writes.

Unfortunately, Impulsive Buy couldn't get chopped bacon on top, and says it has a mild, artificial smokiness. Still, sounds better than the Buffalo chicken shake from 30 Rock.

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