Make '30 Rock’s' Buffalo Chicken Shake

A superfan food blogger recreates a '30 Rock' Buffalo Chicken Shake

30 Rock's Buffalo Chicken Shake

When Robert Bishop of Lunch Blog KC saw a 30 Rock episode with a sign, “The Buffalo Chicken Shake Is Back!”, he decided to go ahead and make one.

He met up with 30 Rock writer Tracey Wigfield to try out his latest concoction. “I thought the writers of 30 Rock were just daring me to make this other new food,” Bishop tells Wigfield. 

Follow along below to mix up your own Buffalo chicken shake, made with heavy cream, milk, blue cheese, tomato juice, Buffalo wing sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. Garnish with a whole chicken wing, a celery stick, and blue cheese. “That looks like a homeless man’s vomit,” Wigfield says, but when frozen, it just looks like Thai iced tea.


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