Italian Schoolchildren Refuse to Eat Their Pizza

Italian children protested their schools’ terrible, rubbery pizza

Wikimedia/Jon Sullivan

Pizza day is normally a cause for celebration at the school cafeteria, but some Italian children were so angry about the low-quality that they held a protest and refused to eat it. 

Pizza day is normally a cause for celebration at elementary schools, but recently some children in Italy were so distressed by the quality of the pizza served at their schools that they staged a mass protest and refused to eat the stuff.

According to The Local, approximately 220 students refused the menu on offer and asked instead to be fed from the “white menu,” or a mild lunch offering of white rice with boiled chicken and carrots, which is usually just kept around for people who are recovering from an illness or getting over a bout of food poisoning. Approximately 30 percent of the students at three Milan schools participated in the protest, and the schools were overwhelmed with demand for the bland menu, which is not normally popular.

The kids reportedly said that the school’s pizza was often cold, rubbery, and inedible, and that the food in general was not very good. The students’ protest was in part organized by parents, who were reportedly looking for a way to object to what they saw as low-quality, cheap, processed, and unhealthful food being served in schools.

After the protest, the catering company behind the school lunches said that it would be looking into finding a new pizza supplier.