It’s all About Kale These Days

a bunch of kale

The other day my friend Sarah (she’s a faithful reader too!  Hi Sarah!) mentioned to me that she had bought some kale.  “You know,” she said, “it’s all about kale these days.”  I did not know.  I must have missed that memo.  Anyway, she went on to say that she had roasted it and it was delicious.  At this point, I was listening politely thinking- “UGH, no thanks,” when suddenly I thought I heard her say that kale roasted tasted almost like potato chips.  “Huh?  Wait, POTATO CHIPS!  Did I just hear kale and potato chips in the same sentence?   Now she had my attention.  So, because I will do anything for a good potato chip-let alone a healthy alternative to one- and because I am committed to my edgy veggie experiment, I went out and bought kale yesterday. 

I brought my kale home- and with apologies to kale lovers everywhere-I must admit that it did not look like something that would taste good.  It definitely looked like something that would be good for you though.  Funny how that “taste good/good for you” correlation seems to work inversely.  Anyway, I made my kale like this and popped it into the oven to crisp. 

Meanwhile, my husband Tad came home and was immediately suspect of the idea of kale as a vegetable in any form, let alone as one that receives billing as a potato chip alternative.  “Yeah, and I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. What else is there?’ he asked.  “Oh ye of little faith!” I chided him, and then, I assured him that there was also a salad.   So, as I pulled the baking sheet out of the oven, I was invested.  If this was awful, I would not hear the end of it for a while.   The kale was deep green and brown and very crispy.  I took a bite and was oh, so surprised and happy.  While saying that it tasted like potato chips might be a reach, it was delicious.  We all loved it!  Of course my children did not know what they were eating- remember, this is the house of food PR- they just thought that the Krispy Krunchies were great! 

So, a big shout out to my friend Sarah for the edgy veggie tip!  And, I must concur; it is all about kale these days!

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