Invisible Driver Prank Hits Fast-Food Drive-Thrus

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This seems potentially dangerous, but the reactions are priceless
Invisible Driver

While we're particularly fond of hearing talented folks sing their fast-food order to unsuspecting workers, this prank might just make it up there with our favorite drive-thru pranks.

Coming from the guy who also somehow rigged a floating magic cup to freak fast-food workers out, YouTube user Magic of Rahat created a car-seat costume to cover him up as he goes to a drive-thru. When properly fitted, the car looks like it's completely empty.

It looks like the seat costume was made of cardboard and a semi-transparent viewer to see through, but we sincerely hope there's a way he's steering without the steering wheel (that's possible, right?). In the meantime, watch below for some of the best reactions. Our favorite? The kid at 2:36 who keeps closing the window, turning around, and opening it again, hoping to eventually see somebody materialize. Also, "Instagram dat joint." Tip to the magician, though: You need to work on your ghost voice.

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