The Incredible Sound & Durability of V-MODA XS Headphones


V-MODA's XS over-ear headphones will convince you to ditch those earbuds, with a set that is not only customizable with engraved plates, but sounds fantastic. The super slim XS fold in on themselves neatly and settle into a hard-backed carrying case that you can clip to whatever you want, be it your belt loop or your in-flight carry-on bag. Comfortable to wear, the luxury headphones fit flush against your head and looks pretty dang cool as a fashion piece. Plus, the XS gives awesome sound thanks to the 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers and promises sound variance of less than 1dB. The company also claims that the gadget is incredibly durable, allowing you to pull and twist the headband as much as you want without fear of breaking it—they actually say it can withstand being dropped onto concrete from high up over 70 times, but we didn't want to try that out.