Illustrating the World’s Best Eats

From pastries in Portugal to markets in Holland, these illustrations make finding the world’s best eats extra sweet

Paso Robles map

Recommendations come in many forms — Yelp, TripAdvisor, word of mouth, following suit when you see locals lining up for foodstuffs, and so on — and they range from maddening to possibly fake to semitrustworthy (though often unavoidable). So when we found They Draw & Travel, we were instantly attracted to their inspiring and addictive illustrations that chronicle the best eats and drinks around the world.

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Some illustrations focus on a neighborhood, some look at food markets around town, while others make a country’s top specialties look extra special. The ones we like best give specific suggestions of what to eat and where, giving us the intimate feeling of getting tips from a like-minded food-loving friend — if only our friends drew this well. Of course, the site showcases charming illustrations that focus on all types of trips and destinations, easily searched through by region of the world, vibe, or style of artwork. Outdoorsy types, adventurers, beach-bound jet-setters, and travelers to the big city are all represented, and there are maps for shopping aficionados, historic travelers, and people visiting small towns. Each map is drawn by someone inspired to dispense their insider knowledge in a cool, fresh way.

Here are our nine favorite food and drink maps, complete with suggestions for mouthwatering bites like macaroons and big eggplant sandwiches in Toronto; pie and fried chicken in Brooklyn, N.Y.; doughnuts and cheese in Paso Robles, Calif.; and ice cream in Charleston, S.C. We’ll be browsing these on our next jaunts.