How to Build the Perfect Burger

Make your barbecue a work of art

You’ll never build a burger the same way again!

Summer is (un)officially here! To ensure you are ready to fire up the grill, Pepperidge Farm is offering five tips for creating the ultimate and most delicious burger. In honor of National Hamburger Day (May 28), they enlisted the help of chef Ernesto Uchimura from Plan Check Kitchen + Bar for his culinary expertise on building an easy and delicious burger this grilling season:

  • When selecting your meat, abide by the 20% rule – make sure it has at least 20% fat, as this keeps the meat moist and juicy. A little fat equals a lot of flavor.
  • Don’t skimp on the seasoning. It’s the most important thing to remember if you want a great tasting burger, so save the low sodium for salad and sides.
  • Embrace the heat. Caramelize the meat with a hot grill or griddle to get your burger a deep brown color. That browning of the meat creates the Maillard reaction which equals big flavor.
  • When it comes to toppings, master the balancing act. Make sure you have a balanced proportion of cheese, tomatoes, mayo, etc. Too much or too little of a topping can throw the flavor profile out of balance and affect the overall taste.
  • The secret to a great burger is in the bun. Whether you are more of a traditional bun lover or prefer the potato variety, be sure to toss it on the grill for 30 seconds and serve warm with your burger. Pepperidge Farm offers a solid selection and are a staple at my family barbeques.