How to Throw an Awesome Office Party

Tips on successfully hosting a party for your work friends
Office Party Tips

Check out these great tips to guarantee a successful office celebration.

Hosting an office party can be super stressful. On top of all of your regular work, you have to worry about entertaining your co-workers in a fun, casual and professional manner. While you could of course always ask Marge from accounting to make her famous potato salad, it is hard relying on your busy coworkers to bring in food. That is where businesses like come in. This site aims to personalize and simplify larger food requests for busy employees.

“We get to know your needs up front (headcount, delivery logistics, budget, dietary needs) so you don't have to repeat them time and time again to every new vendor that comes in your door,” says Alex Lorton, Co-founder of “We scour the local food landscape to find the best restaurants, food trucks, caterers and more so you'll never get bored and will always be satisfied.”

To help you throw a successful and satisfying office party, Lorton offered a few words of wisdom for those organizing a shin-dig. Check out his great tips and wow your office with a party that pops!

What should one consider when choosing a menu for an office party?

The overall layout and the vibe you want. Ask, what kind of space will your party be held in? If you are throwing it in a seated conference room, people will have the ability to sit down with their plates while eating. However, if you are throwing a surprise anniversary party where everyone will be standing, bite-sized or finger food is the way to go. You don't want to offer up a plate of lasagna when there isn't a way to eat it neatly. Secondly, what kind of mood are you trying to create? Fancy hors d'oeuvres are great for keeping things classy whereas chips and dip let people feel casual and comfortable. 

What are some great team-building party ideas to host for an office?

From celebrating a colleague's birthday to marking a long-time employee's anniversary with the company, breaking bread is an inherently social experience and an organic way to get the team together. Seasonal activities like pumpkin carving contests for Halloween and Secret Santa for the holidays have long been favorites and effortlessly bring cheer into the office. But events don't have to be based around the holidays: simply focus on events that allow your coworkers to unwind and get to know each other over great food and drink.

What is the biggest mistake people make when planning an office party?

We hear it all the time - people get wrapped up in their day-to-day and forget that the party is around the corner but nothing's been planned yet! General rule of thumb for planning a great office party is to give plenty of notice to coworkers and guests. Picking a start time when people are ready to cut loose and step away from their desks also helps to ensure your event will be stress-free.

Why is it better to host and in-office party rather than organizing outside of it?

When done correctly, an in-office party can really open and expand the office to not just a place to work - your office can be a place of community.

Are there any definite office-party fouls you should avoid? 

The biggest office party foul is not having enough food and drink! Nothing is more distracting than multiple grumbling stomachs. Also, make sure you know about the dietary needs of your group so no one is left hungry.

What are the most ordered lunches for office parties? 


Simple orders of sandwiches are probably the most common order request we get. While we certainly don't hold any grudge against this lunchtime staple, we suggest expanding culinary horizons and trying new and interesting meals to make your office party one-of-a-kind. Empanadas or arepas are a couple great alternatives that add a lot of flavor and spice up the meal experience.