How To Pick The Perfect Pumpkin

Make Sure it is Totally Orange

If there are green spots on the pumpkin, they may indicate that it isn't going to ripen any more.

pumpkin picking


Check for Holes

Holes, splits, cracks, and crevasses all mean one thing: potential bug damage. You definitely do not want that unpleasant surprise.



Look for Bruises

Bruises indicate that your pumpkin will decay a lot faster once carved.

pumpkin tips


Feel it Out

A bumpy pumpkin will make for a tough carving job. Look for smooth surfaces.



Leave the Stem Alone

Do not pick up a pumpkin by the stem. The stem will snap and your jack-o-lantern will be ruined!

pumpkin stem


Before You Carve

Pumpkins, like most squash, will keep for a while if you store them in a cool dry place. Once you carve them, they will start to decay, so don't start carving too far in advance of Halloween!

carve your pumpkin