How Many Calories Does Buddy the Elf Eat?

And you thought your Thanksgiving plate was bad...

Buddy the Elf eats his weight in sugar.

It has been more than a decade since Buddy the Elf of Elf fame entered our lives and ignited our Christmas dreams with his hilarity and kind heart. The story of a human man born into the North Pole elfish community gave us tons of memorable quotes, made us shed a few warm-hearted tears, and certainly had us laughing the entire time. While there are seemingly endless memorable scenes in the movie, undoubtedly the funniest are when Buddy eats.

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The first glimpse we get of Buddy indulging in his daily diet is at the family dinner table, where we watch him drizzle a flask of syrup onto his spaghetti. It was then that we learned the four main food groups of elves:

●     Candy

●     Candy Canes

●     Candy Corn

●     Syrup

In the spirit of Christmas and all things Buddy the Elf, we were curious — if Buddy really eats only those main sugary dishes, exactly how many calories would he consume? We checked out some of his favorite dishes from the film, including sweets like the hot cocoa he loves to drink and the Toll House cookie dough roll he loves to eat, and found out exactly how many times he eats them a day and how many calories that would amount to. The grand total?

To see how we got to this number, check out our accompanying slideshow to see all of the foods that made this crazy daily calorie count so high!


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