How to Make a S’mores Cake

This campfire favorite can be baked up into eight gooey slices

Enjoy this s'mores creation all year long.

There’s really something exceptionally satisfying about a s’mores sandwich.

That classic combo of graham cracker, chocolate and toasted marshmallow is always relegated to summer — sitting around a campfire and carrying out the ritual of picking out the perfect stick to hold the marshmallow, letting the marshmallow light aflame for just the right amount of time, and smashing it all together with melted chocolate and crunchy graham crackers.

A s’mores recipe first appeared in a Girl Scout handbook n 1927, although mention of the treat pre-dates that publication and families have been making them ever since, albeit usually in the yard.

It’s such a favorite tradition for so many that some people have even figured out how to make s’mores without a campfire. We’re taking it one step further. We’re not just make s’mores easier to make, but we’re bringing them inside the kitchen and making them something we can enjoy all year round. How?

An ooey, gooey S’mores Cake.

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The exact history of s’mores is murky, like, for example, whether the chocolate in question was milk or dark. This recipe covers both bases, so you get a dark chocolate cake and a milk chocolate ganache. The marshmallow topping is homemade, and this version uses egg whites and a little gelatin so that it’s kept soft enough to slather on top of the cake. National S’mores Day is August 10, and this recipe is perfect for sharing with friends, even without building a fire. As an added perk, you get to wield a torch in the kitchen, which is always a fun technique.