How to Make a Keg out of a Pumpkin


This is fall in college.

My boyfriend thought the same thing, so he carved out a pumpkin and stuck some beer in it. Now you can do the same:

Photo by Sydney Gabel

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 1 – 6 (depends on pumpkin size) 

1 pumpkin
6 pack pumpkin flavored beer
1 spigot (we took one off a mason jar from Bed Bath and Beyond)
1 set pumpkin carving tools

Photo By Sydney Gabel


1. Find the perfect pumpkin. It doesn’t matter the size, just that it has one side that is flat to hold the spigot and keep enough beer safely. We found that the harder the pumpkin, the easier it was to hold the beer. The pumpkin pictured held two bottles of beer.

2. Start to carve your pumpkin. Carve all the gooey guts out. Make sure the pumpkin looks clean enough on the inside so there’s little to no seeds or pulp.

3. Using your spigot, carve a little tiny hole at the edge of the pumpkin. Draw a tiny circle near the bottom of the pumpkin so you can get as much beer out of it as possible. This is so it could be sitting on a table and still have the spigot in it with enough room to serve.

Photo By Sydney Gabel

4. Place the spigot safely into the pumpkin so it juts out and is sturdy in the pumpkin itself. Test it by placing water (let’s not waste beer) in the pumpkin and turn the spigot on, letting the water run into the glass.

Photo by Sydney Gabel

5. When the spigot is in the pumpkin securely, pour pumpkin flavored beer (regular beer works too, the pumpkin gut remnants will add natural flavor to it) into the pumpkin. To keep from having all the beer foaming, tilt the pumpkin as you pour slowly into the pumpkin. Once all the beer is in the pumpkin turn on the spigot, pour and serve a delicious fall party drink.

Photo By Sydney Gabel

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