How to Make a Better-Than-Sex Cake and 6 More Racy Recipes

Step aside lovers, this delicious cake is coming through

Is it hot in here or is it just us?

Every food lover has to secretly admit this fact to themselves: at some point, some dish they've had in their life has been better than sex. No offense to the lovers they've taken, but some foods simply bring more pleasure (and certainly far fewer complications) than actual sexual encounters.

How to Make a Better Than Sex Cake and 6 More Sexy Recipes

Whether the taste of the food itself is arousing or the presentation is simply the hottest thing we've ever seen, certain dishes satisfy in ways a person can’t. All right, maybe we’re exaggerating, but what can we say? We really love food, OK?

So if you’re like us — always in search of a dish to lust after — you have to try a few of these sexy and tantalizing recipes. Our Chocolate “Better-Than-Sex” Cake may just make you weak in the knees.

Seriously, these recipes are worth every single calorie. They’re super indulgent, and just might be even better than sex. 

Chocolate “Better Than Sex” Cake

This sexy dessert will get you all hot and bothered in more ways than one! Not only is it a super delicious and indulgent dessert, it is made with dark chocolate, long believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Cheesy Chili Nachos


If we’re talking about foods being better than sex, how could we not choose something as indulgent and delicious as loaded nachos? Smothered in cheese, pumped up with delicious ground beef... pshew, someone get a fan to cool us down!

Adapted from the Hershey’s “Especially Dark” Chocolate Cake Recipe. 


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