15 Foods That Get You in the Mood

Rev up your sexy side with these go-to dishes

Dig into these sexy foods to get you going.

It’s the most romantic time of year, or the time we’re most aware that we might have one too many cats, and as always we want to help you be as romantic as possible. Even if you’re not really into that whole romance thing, we want to feed your mojo so you can at least have a good time. 

See Which Foods Will Rile You Up for a Great Date Night!

That’s why we prepared this list of the sexiest, most endorphin-rushing food available to order online at Eat24.com. After all, why go out to eat when you can just order in and have your bed nearby?

We can’t promise that you’ll get some after eating these, but we can promise that it will come to your door fast and delicious.

From obvious go-to aphrodisiacs like oysters and chocolate to surprising ingredients like asparagus and avocados, see which foods will tickle your fancy and how you should serve them up for your romantic date for one or two.


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