How To Host An Easter Kids' Party

I recently hosted an Easter Egg Hunt party for my daughter Madison. Since we are still in boxes from our move to a new house, I kept it very simple and used things I already owned.

Here's a few tips on how I planned, organized, and prepared for the Easter Egg Hunt Party:


After every holiday, I generally shop the day after and catch all the sales then pack away in designated holiday tubs for storage. Yes, I have tubs for every holiday. Once I fill up a tub then I buy another one. To make it easier to find the particular holiday stuff out of the many tubs, I color coordinate the tubs and it helps me stay organized. So all of my Christmas tubs are red, my Easter tubs are blue, my Halloween tubs are black, my Fall tubs are gray and so on. I don't have a lot of Easter decor but I pulled out my tub and used what I already had.


It is so easy to take ordinary foods and make them fit your theme or make them look special.  Keep food simple for kids but you can still make it look special.

  • I made bunny sandwiches. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Nutella and marshmallow, and jelly sandwiches look special just by using a metal bunny shaped cookie cutter. I like that a little of the crust is showing on the bottom—it looks like a nose!
  • During the spring holidays you can find so many cool shaped marshmallows, which is great since my daughter adores them. This is always a quick and easy treat to make for her parties.

  • I put store bought vanilla pudding into these pre-made chocolate heart cups that i found at World Market. The chocolate shavings were included with the cups. I garnished with a strawberry to make it look extra fancy.

  • I found  curved candy canes at Walmart. Makes making Easter basket cupcakes a breeze.


  • I saw these melamine plates and cups at Big Lots and had to have them—they just scream spring! These were perfect for the girls tablescapes.
  • I simply added a centerpiece I made from a glitter turquoise Easter basket. I put a bowl in the center of the basket then topped with orange Easter grass and filled with fresh flowers and glittery Easter picks that I found at Dollar Tree.
  • For goodie bags, I created monogrammed Easter pails so the girls could put their found eggs in them. 

For an activity, of course we did an egg hunt and dyed eggs. It was fantastic spring fun and the girls really enjoyed it! For more photos from our Easter bash head here.

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