How Do You Make Ice Cream? 3 Simple Solutions

If you need ice cream in a pinch, try these simple tricks
Simple Ice Cream Hacks

You won’t believe how quickly you can make ice cream!

There are few people in the world that don’t love ice cream. It is an almost universal treat, one that makes for a refreshing and delicious relief from the summer sun. But if you are a bigger fan of homemade recipes than you are of store-bought snacks, ice cream can make things complicated.

While we already proved that you don’t need an ice cream maker to make this treat, the notion of waiting forever for it to freeze can be a pain. However, we found some great tricks to make ice cream without your ice cream maker, and for doing it quickly — the ultimate ice cream hacks:

5-Minute Vanilla Ice Cream

WOW. Who knew that with under ten ingredients and a few extra minutes you’d have delicious ice cream?

One-Ingredient Ice Cream

This simple healthy recipe is delicious and fast for a quick frozen treat.

Fast Fruity Ice Cream

Taking a cue from chef Jamie Oliver, this YouTube star made a delicious ice cream treat in just a few minutes!

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