How to Create a Stellar Eggs Benedict Bar

In honor of the brunch classic we’re giving guests options

Create the ultimate Benedict bar with these tips!

We can’t think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t love eggs Benedict, unless of course you just have an aversion to eggs in general.

The dish is rich, full of flavor, and there are so many varieties that you can enjoy it for any meal, not just brunch.

Create a Great Benedict Bar with These Awesome Tips! 

While the tried-and-true classic version is always great, we’re pushing the envelope here and getting a little creative with the poached egg dish.

Rather than create a menu of endless options for guests to choose from, why not hone in on one dish and have your visitors make it their own?

It would be rude as a host or hostess to ignore the palate preferences of your guests, so make sure to poll your friends on if they like eggs Benedict before you create an entire brunch based around the beloved dish. Once that’s squared away, get to planning.

Follow these few steps and have a drool-worthy eggs Benedict bar that will impress your guests.


If you prefer to serve it the classic way, here's How to Make the Perfect Eggs Benedict and here are a few tips on how to serve it at your brunch.