How To Choose a Bottle of Wine

Feeling fancy? Recovering from work? Getting drunk? One infographic shares the best wines for your moods and occassions

Some days, you head into your local wine store and have no idea what you want. Will a Shiraz fit your mood? Pinot gris? Grenache? Fortunately, Wine Folly has made all your wine purchases a piece of cake.

Thanks to a helpful infographic, you can choose the best wine for you depending on your location and mood. Feeling fancy? Try a Sangiovese or a Grenache. Celebrating a birthday? Grab a Riesling or a Chenin Blanc. Eating a microwave dinner? (Yes, that's a real option.) A three-liter box wine will fit your meal perfectly. 

The infographic also demonstrates how to buy wine for other people (as we all know a bottle is too common a host or hostess gift). Is she a true wine lover? Grab the California Pinot Noir off the shelf. Is he not a wine connosseiur? Then, according to the flow chart, he doesn't deserve a bottle. (We'd have to agree.) 

Check out the full flow-chart — heck, might even be good as a wallet print-out for future wine shopping.