Craft Dogs Brings Hot Dogs Made From Scratch to Toronto

Craft Dogs is doing the original hot dog the artisan way

The much-anticipated Craft Dogs has finally opened in Toronto’s St. Lawrence neighborhood, bringing artisan, handcrafted hot dogs to the area.

After searching for about 3 years, owners Brian Morin and Kathleen McGinn (who used to own Beer Bistro) and Craig Smith found the perfect space for Craft Dogs on King Street. Just about everything at the restaurant is homemade from scratch, from the actual hot dog to the condiments, like unique twists on mayonnaise and ketchup. Most of the ingredients are free of preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics, and the fries are rather indulgent, cooked in duck and beef fat.

Some of the hot dog combinations you can expect to see are Chicago-style dog made with a pork and beef hot dog, and the duck hot dog, topped with plantain chips, pea shoots, and goat cheese. They also have a huge selection of their own handmade sodapop, with flavors like peach gingerale and cocoa root beer.


Craft Dogs will bring some competition to the other restaurants in the St. Lawrence Market area with its gourmet take on the classic food. The owners claim to be “the ultimate craft dogs anywhere,” so you be the judge.