Hot Dog Toppings for Your DIY Hot Dog Bar

Elevate your summer barbecue with this cool serving station
DIY Hot Dog Bar

Guests will love this creative idea.

If summer grilling had its own food pyramid, hot dogs would be on the foundation tier. They are essential to a barbecue. But frankly (see what we did there?!) hot dogs can get a little tired. Revive this summertime classic with a fresh take on it: build a DIY hot dog bar.

Decorate the table by making a tower of hot dog buns, displaying vintage condiment bottles, and using bright bowls to hold your toppings. Chopped onions, bacon bits, chili, and even jalapeños are all great culinary fodder for your hot dog. But if you’re up to the challenge, adding some non-traditional twists on hot dog toppings will make your bar as eclectic as it is beautiful! Here are some unique toppings to consider for your bar:

Sweet Pickle Relish

If you like a little tang to your hot dog, this pickle relish adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Unlike regular pickle relish, which is made with yellow mustard, this relish's pickling liquid is bright and fresh.

Click here for the Sweet Pickle Relish Recipe


Rockerbox Garlic Flakes pack an extra punch of flavor in this guacamole recipe, and save you the time it would take to peel and mince fresh garlic without sacrificing the authentic flavor. It will add an extra special zing to your hot dog!

Click here for the Guacamole Recipe

Green Chile Con Queso

Try this chile con queso recipe from celebrity chef Todd English. It isn’t a typical hot dog topping, but it will definitely pique your guests’ interests!


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