Hot Dog Eating Contests: How to Win Every Time

Hosting a casual eating contest at your backyard BBQ? Check out these tips
Eating Contest Tips
Jane Bruce

Be a competitive eating champ!

Every year on the 4th of July, hundreds flock to Coney Island to watch people try to win the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest out of the love of the sport or morbid curiosity. But if you can’t make it too the contest, try hosting your own eating contest in the backyard. Why wouldn’t your buddies love a challenge where they get to eat until they pop? But before you engage in any eating contest shenanigans, you have to prep yourself. Here is how the pros win:

1. Be Lean and Fit

Contrary to popular believe you can’t be overweight and win at competitive eating. Why? Any excess belly fat could impede your stomach from expanding while competitively eating and prevent you from winning!

2. You Have to Train...

And you have to train more than by just eating! Bob Shoudt, the man who holds a world record for eating more food by weight or volume than any other competitor, chews up to 25 pieces of gum at a time for strength training. Competitors also drink copious amounts of water to push the limits of their stomach expansion


3. Be a Maverick
If you can break the food up into smaller amounts or dip the food in water (especially the hot dog buns) do it! It’ll help you eat more and do so faster.