Hot Bread Kitchen: A World of Breads

Hot Bread Kitchen: A World of Breads

Hot Bread Kitchen teaches immigrant women to bake bread and places them in bakeries throughout New York City and beyond.

Nestled under the subway in New York City’s East Harlem, Hot Bread Kitchen appears to be your standard marketplace. But, the back of the building holds so much more.

Hot Bread Kitchen is a program that is changing lives. Low-income and immigrant women, some of whom barely speak English and have never worked before, can apply to be a part of Hot Bread Kitchen. They take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, along with some businesses classes, while completing a 12-month cycle where they learn to bake bread from scratch.

The women come from all different backgrounds, and are able to make their native breads. Those are then sold both at the front of the house and at markets throughout New York City. Once the 12-month course is completed, the bakers graduate and are placed in bakeries in the city and beyond.

Chief Baking Officer Ben Hershberger, formerly Head Baker at New York City’s Per Se, describes watching the women graduate and find success as a proud moment for him.


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