Host a Lobster Boil Like NYC Favorites, The Anchor and Luke's Lobster

The New York restaurant and the beloved food truck are coming together for a "lobster pop-up"

Head over to the Luke's Lobster Pop-Up at The Anchor or throw your own lobster boil!

We're all about reasons to party, especially during the summer. While there's a food holiday for every single day of the year, there are just a few that are tiered above the rest. National Lobster Day sounds pretty fantastic to us, how about you? 

With that day rapidly approaching—it's Friday, June 15th—we're ready throw those bibs on and steam, bake, and boil those sea critters. We're  taking a cue on how to host a true lobster bash from a few New York City favorites.

The Anchor, a West SoHo staple, is kicking off the short-skirt season by rolling out a nautically themed cocktail program coupled with lobster rolls by Luke’s Lobster and lot's of dancing!

Rifting off the once decadent, early oughts era of elaborate bottle service, The Anchor will be downplaying this dated trend by serving “vintage” coolers filled with summer beers and bottles of rum with an array of house-made “nautical” punches. In addition to the cocktails, Luke’s Lobster will be serving fresh Maine lobster rolls from their summer pop-up located at The Anchor.

While we can think of nothing better to do than celebrate with a lobster roll and a few beers, not every one lives in New York! So, why not host a traditional lobster boil with all the claws and bibs! 

Set the table with light dish towels instead of napkins as we're sure it will get pretty messy. Instead of a tablecloth, put down brown paper or newspaper for a rustic feel. Get tin bowls and place them in between every few guests for shells and claws. Have a cooler going with local beers and maybe have a signature lemonade cocktail. Have bibs on hand, chic ones of course, for diners as well. 

On the menu, add corn, potatoes, refreshing salads, and other seafood for those guests who aren't lobster lovers. 

After the table is set, the lobsters are steaming, and the butter is melted—enjoy!