Host a Cupcake Tour

Sample many kinds of cupcakes while hosting a cupcake tour through New York's Chelsea neighborhood

These days it seems as if a cupcake shop is popping up on every street corner in New York City. One could easily get lost in this world of cupcake shops, which sell everything from savory cupcakes to alcoholic ones. But instead of getting lost, host a cupcake tour to get to know your options.

To make sure you don't spend the entire cupcake tour on the subway crisscrossing your way from one bakery to the next, pick a particular neighborhood or area of the city in which to locate your tour. This way you can walk off the extra buttercream frosting while you are at it.

This particular cupcake tour is located in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood:

Billy’s Bakery: 184 Ninth Ave. 
Billy’s offers old-fashioned cupcakes made with the simplest ingredients. Don’t miss their banana-Nutella cupcake!

Blossom Bakery: 174 Ninth Ave.  
Try this vegan bakery and see if their vegan pastry alternatives are as good as the real thing.

Big Booty Bread Co.: 261 West 23rd St. 
This mostly wheat-free empire is known for their Latin goodies such as pan dulce (sweet bread), but they also have delicious cupcakes. While you are here, enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich to reduce your sugar rush.

Empire Cake: 112 Eighth Ave.  
Step inside Empire Cake to fulfill your junk-food cravings in a much more upscale way, with homemade Twinkies as well as classic desserts like Southern red velvet cupcakes (our personal favorite!).

Amy’s Bread: 75 Ninth Ave.  
Although known for their variety of bread loaves, this bakery also offers mouthwatering cakes and cupcakes. Ones not to miss are the black and white, monkey cake, and Definitely Devil’s Food Cake.

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This tasting tour will allow you to figure out which cupcake bakery is your favorite. Pick a few different flavors to try within your group. Or, rate each bakery on taste, texture, flavor, and decorations as you sample.