Moto Charges 'Top Chef' Diners $60,000

Luckily, it was just an elaborate prank at moto and the meal was comped

We all knew chef Homaro Cantu of moto had some mad technology skills, but he definitely has a sense of humor, too.

When two former Top Chef contestants decided to dine at moto (Chris Crary and Grayson Schmitz), Cantu and his staff surprised them with a hefty bill. There was a $16,000 water pour fee, a $300 iTunes hourly rate, $3,000 to "flirt with cat," and a $1,000 "chef harrassment fee." Chef Cantu's personal fee was $2,300, and the service charge was some $6,720. The final bill, Cantu told Gothamist, was around $60,000.

Seeing as two of moto's chefs were on Top Chef as well, the whole thing was an elaborate prank and the meal was comped for the two guests. Still, next time we'll be extra careful as to not drop a fork  (which, according to the prank, may lead to a $600 carpet cleaning fee). Check out a portion of the bill below.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.