Cantu Tracks Guy Who Stole His Computer

The chef has been posting the thief's photos and screenshots onto Facebook

Homaro Cantu

If anyone can make a joke out of a computer thief, it's Moto chef Homaro Cantu. The molecular gastronomist has turned the tables on the thief who stole his computer.

Cantu, being the tech genius he is, used key logging and tracking systems to access his computer through the amazing thing called the Internet, posting the thief's photos and (extremely naughty) web history onto Cantu's Facebook page.

The perpetrator is reportedly really into Jay-Z, Soulja Boy, and "hot Latina booty." Cantu, in the meantime, has held off on busting the youngster and has taken to Facebook to crowdsource his next move.

"Junior has no prior records, it has not been proven that he broke into iNG Restaurant but he is in possession of a stolen laptop. Should we wait for those around him that have criminal records to break the law and nab them, or just nab junior? I personally grew up in ghettos living with drug dealers and scumbags. So I personally think Junior is not a violent threat to society. But you be the judge," he wrote.

Facebook responders seem to think Junior should get busted for his theft; then again, they've also seen his extensive porn surfing, his fancy car (a convertible), and his horrible taste in beer (Wild Blue blueberry lager, anyone?). But hey, he did look up The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." (Note: If you're interested in seeing the entire collection of screenshots, you'll have to be friends with chef Homaro Cantu on Facebook.)