When Is Daylight Saving Time 2019

When Is Daylight Saving Time 2019?

Get ready to spring the clocks forward
When Is Daylight Saving Time 2019

When is daylight saving time 2019? Sooner than you may think!

Every year around the same time that spring arrives, the clocks spring forward. (And in the fall, they fall back.) In the back of your mind, you know daylight saving time is coming soon. But when is daylight saving time this year, anyway?

15 Disturbing Things That Happen to Your Body When You’re Sleep-Deprived

Every year, daylight saving time falls on a Sunday. This is no coincidence — daylight saving time was designed this way so that the time swap is as convenient as possible. And unless you work in the food industry, a hospital, or some other profession that demands your weekend, it’s likely you have the day off and can sleep in.

At 2 a.m., the clock jumps to 3 a.m. The sun will rise later in the morning and set later in the evening. All you’ll miss is one meager hour of sleep. And yet, daylight saving time affects your body more than you might think. Perhaps due to the lost hour of sleep, one study found that the number of heart attacks spikes in the days following the time switch.

While you will likely — and hopefully — be safe from any such dire consequences, you might need some time to adjust. You’ll at least have to adjust your clocks.


This year, daylight saving time occurs at 2 a.m. on March 10, 2019. When you wake up on the morning of March 10, be sure to set your clocks an hour ahead and wipe the grogginess from your eyes. You’ll have missed out on an hour of sleep, and you won’t get it back until fall, when the clocks roll back once more. But don’t worry, there are some things you can do in order to ease the transition. Here’s a guide to surviving daylight saving time as painlessly as possible.