10 Ways to Make A Party Fun with Jelly Belly

From food design to decor, Jelly Belly® jelly beans can brighten any occasion

Make a snack mix with your favorite flavors.

Let’s be honest, what do kids (and adults) truly look forward to at a party more than the dessert? Not much. Let the sweets be the star of the show with Jelly Belly crafts and baking projects. You’ll be the most popular kid (or grown up) on the block.

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From baked goods and décor to food design and more, with more than one hundred flavors of Jelly Belly® jelly beans the tasty options are endless. And with such a large palette of bright colors, Jelly Belly jelly beans are a great place to start when deciding on a color scheme.

Candy is certainly not just for kids though, with Champagne and Draft Beer flavors, sweet excitement doesn’t have to stop just because you’re hosting a “grown up” affair. Best of all, Jelly Belly jelly beans taste just like the real thing, so everything from fruit bowls to cocktails can be perfectly paired with the bite-sized sweets. With hundreds of food-inspired flavors, Jelly Belly cuisine pairings are a great way to add playfulness to your dishes. Punch up a fruit platter with Berry Blue, Kiwi, and Raspberry Jelly Belly jelly beans or offer a bowl of Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly jelly beans at any s’mores cookout, and watch the smiles grow.

As for the kids, you can imagine what happens when you tell a party full of children that they get to play with jelly beans all day…even before the cake! From guessing games to cupcakes to candles, Jelly Belly projects are a world of colorful and delicious amusement.

But Jelly Belly jelly beans aren’t just for eating. Their hundreds of vibrant colors and tones lead to a wide assortment of visually inspiring party decorations. Take a look at the shimmering, iridescent finish of the Jewel Collection and let them shine as a focal point at any sophisticated event.

Scroll through our slide show for ten of our favorite Jelly Belly party ideas –we’ve given you projects for eating, playing, and entertaining. To entertain with these types of projects, find Jelly Belly jelly beans in bulk at candy stores, in specially packaged bags at party stores, or on jellybelly.com

Jelly Belly Candles, a DIY project:

BananaJamana / YouTube

Jelly Belly jelly beans are fun to eat and fun to see.When placed in a translucent candle, their beautiful colors really glow! This project is hands-on in the best way (adult supervision required). Begin with a candle making kit from your local craft store – it comes with a pot & wax, which you put into boiling water. Once the wax is melted, put a wick in the bottom of a mini candle cup or Mason jar, fill it with Jelly Belly jelly beans of any flavor (hundreds to choose from), and pour the hot wax on top. Let it cool and a beautiful, glowing surprise awaits! Watch how it’s done from adorable YouTube crafter BananaJamana.

Jelly Belly Mason Jars:

Shutterstock / Brian A Jackson


Beautiful uses for Mason jars are never-ending, as are the many uses for Jelly Belly jelly beans. One stunning way to show off your favorite Jelly Belly bean flavors is to display them in different sized Mason jars, spread out in groupings around a room. The shimmering Jewel Collection is a particularly beautiful choice to dress up the décor. Organize by theme (watercolors, floral, jewel tones, etc.) or simply mix the flavors together for a rainbow collection. Kids will love throwing their favorite colors into a big jar (then gobbling them up). Tie a ribbon or personalized tag around the jars, and your craft just became a memorable party favor or gift!