Valentine’s Day Candy for People Who Hate Chocolate

Give a delicious and sweet gift your anti-chocolate lover will still enjoy

Valentine’s Day can still be sweet for those who hate chocolate.


We know it is hard to imagine, but there are people in this world who do not enjoy chocolate. And if you happen to be dating one of these freaks (kidding!) this trait can be problematic around Valentine’s Day. While the shelves are lined with everything from chocolate sampler boxes to chocolate covered pretzels, the options for folks who are anti-chocolate the selection is often limited to chalky conversation hearts.

To help you give your partner a sweet gift they’ll actually eat, Gimbal’s Fine Candies has put out “The Lovers Line” which features three different varieties of gourmet heart-shaped candies. The line includes a little something for everyone, like the  Cherry Lovers, for those that love the classic taste of cherry candy, the Cinnamon Lovers for those who have fiery tasty buds, and Sour Lovers, for those who like to challenge their palates. The candies are all made with cinnamon oil or real fruit juice, so they happen to be gluten- and allergen-free.


Using a mason jar or a decorative favor bag, you can mix and match these flavors and present them in a cute way, just like a chocolate sample box. Your anti-chocolate Valentine will definitely feel the love.