Decode a Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates Without a Map

Never eat the wrong candy from a sample again!
Decoding Chocolates

Don't you hate it when you choose fruit crème instead of caramel?

Welcome to Valentine’s Day week! Hopefully you’ve already planned something spectacular for your sweetie. We’re sure you’ve stocked up on wine, champagne, heart shaped treats, and most importantly chocolate, butlet’s be real; that’s sort of the prix fixe menu for couples and singles alike on the sappiest day of the year. There’s a reason for that: Red wine and chocolate are both aphrodisiacs. So add 'em to the shopping list this week and get happy. And while a box of chocolates is certainly romantic, there isn't a bigger turn-off when you bite down into decadence and get an unexpected, gross filling instead of what you were craving.

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The ubiquitous box of chocolates was best summed up by Forrest Gump: “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.’” Momma was obviously an untrained chocoholic, because we are here to tell you, sometimes you can tell what you’re gonna get —at least in a box of chocolates, we’re still working on life. There are some subtle clues in that box that could tip you off if you lose that handy dandy guide on the inside of the lid.


Although the appearance of each flavor varies by manufacturer, there are some similarities that make more popular chocolates easy to spot. Some people love the creamy, dreamy vanilla creme, while some avoid it like the plague. Some people will do anything for a caramel, while a small number of folks love coconut. We all agreed that solid chocolate bars have no place in a box of chocolates — seriously, that’s why chocolate BARS exist! And what is up with the molasses flavored ones? Whatever floats your boat, we’ve got you covered and will make sure you can grab your favorite, actually, give your sweetie their favorite candies first. Happy Valentine’s Day!