Easter egg games


These Easter Egg Games Will Totally Take You Back to Childhood

Bring back these five classic games this Easter
Easter egg games


The egg-and-spoon race is a classic Easter event.

Not every kid likes hard-boiled eggs. Everything from the very concept of them to their texture can totally weird a child out until he or she inevitably matures and comes to appreciate the delicious, creamy deviled egg. But one thing every child can get behind? Playing with their food.

These five games will not only make your Easter egg hunt distinctive and fun, but they’ll also totally take you back to your childhood.

Set up a series of six hoops in your backyard and play croquet like you would on any spring afternoon — but instead of heavy balls, use your dyed hardboiled eggs. Of course, to accommodate for the smaller game ball, set up the hoops closer to each other, and use your mallets with care.

Egg-and-Spoon Race
Like a three-legged race, the egg-and-spoon race is a classic of elementary school field days and Easter gatherings. You know the drill: Each competitor places a hardboiled (or raw) egg on a spoon, then tries to dash from one end of the yard to another without dropping his or her egg. If the egg drops, not only will you have a mess on your shoes, you’ll have to start over again from the beginning.

Egg Roll
Even if you’re not invited to the White House for its annual egg roll, this traditional game is still a total blast. This game is like the egg-and-spoon race, except instead of carrying their eggs, racers push them through the grass with a long-handled spoon.

Call it “eggshoes” if you’d like… This game involves placing an un-dyed white egg in the center of the yard. Then, each person tries to roll his or her own colored egg as close as possible to the white egg. As in horseshoes, whoever gets the closest (without breaking their egg) wins.

Mini Golf
Everyone loves to play a little putt-putt, so instead of golf balls, use your Easter eggs! Use a cup as a hole and set up a tee in your backyard. Like any normal game of mini-golf, tap your eggs toward the cup until it goes in.